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Digital Marketing


Online presence is essential for every business. We offer various digital marketing services and tailor our strategy to meet your specific goals. Our digital marketing specialists will help you leverage each channel to ensure our internet marketing plan closely aligns with your specific commercial objectives.
We aim to provide the best possible service and maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients from the initial consultation and competitor research to interim campaign reviews. Read more about our digital marketing services to find out how best we can help your business prosper online.

PPC – Google Ads

Google Ads allows businesses to place an Ad on the search engine, websites, and other well-known platforms when users search for relevant products and services. It is an extremely efficient way for reaching your potential customers to increase traffic to your website and drive valuable conversions.


Google Ads is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model in which as an advertiser you will pay a fee every time user clicks on the ad. A successful PPC campaign requires extensive research and the creation of relevant keywords that will lead to a higher PPC click-through rate, effective cost per click, and increased profits. Once the campaign has been created, regular management is essential by adding and reviewing keywords for it to remain effective.


Proffitor is a trusted Google Ads provider with extensive experience in creating effective search engine advertisement campaigns. We can provide you with:


A dedicated account manager from Google
Paid Media proposal with estimates of costs and results.
Thorough research to locate the targeted audience through Google and its partners
Setup of parallel campaigns for A/B testing
Segmentation of campaigns depending on the objective
Long and short tail keyword setup and constant monitoring
Manual bid adjustment per keyword with Enhanced CPC model
Segmentation of campaigns according to a type of device
Creation of multiple Ads and their testing to optimize for better results
Weekly/Monthly reporting and adjustments to reach the highest ROI
Advanced function implementation such as – conversion pixels and call-only
Campaigns with conversation data tracking.
Monthly advertisement & competitor reports

Google SEO

Being the first name customers see when searching for products and services you offer can be crucial in enhancing your online visibility. Around 46% of Google searches constitute seeking local information, thus whether you are a business with one or multiple locations, disregarding search engine optimization (SEO) can be detrimental for your company.


An effective SEO campaign can do wonders by generating organic, unpaid traffic to your website, which in return will create better conversion rates, and increase brand awareness. At Proffitor, we abide by the rule that SEO is not just about optimization for the search engines, but improving the user experience by creating well-structured, clean, and uncluttered websites with highly relevant content. Increased competition and Google’s constant changes to local search means, Proffitor as Google’s official partner employs a multi-faceted approach in creating and managing successful SEO campaigns for your business. We can provide you with:


Keyword research and competitor research
A complete SEO audit
Identifying the keywords with the highest ROI performance
Adapting our SEO strategy for your website
Transparency in creating and managing your SEO campaign
Providing a monthly report on the progress and the effectiveness of your SEO

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphics refer to a sequence of animation such as images, symbols, and text to convey information to your target audience. It is a very powerful marketing strategy as our brains more readily transmit information presented to us in a visual rather than text format. Our creative graphics team have extensive experience in creating and transforming a storyboard into an engaging motion graphic content. We can provide you with:


Simple 2D motion graphics
Complex 2D motion graphics with 3D elements
2D Animated Explainer Videos with Character Animation
Stylised 3D Animated Explainer Videos
3D Character or Creature Animation

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a new inovative digital guerilla marketing, which aims to accelerate the growth of start-ups and small businesses in as little time and budget as possible. However, it is a scalable concept, which can be applied to any business aiming to sustain the growth and retain an active user base.


At Proffitor, our team has an extensive experience in growth hacking tactics, and we will work closely with you to leverage multiple social network platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to connect with your prospective clients. We can provide for you:


Data Mapping
Channel Strategy
Lead Generation Strategy
Content Strategy
Onboarding Strategy

Our loyal partners

Being a Google Partner means we have the knowledge and skills to create and manage successful marketing campaigns.

Provable ROI

Data-driven marketing strategies and tracking of the prtormance of each marketing campaign.


Get more for less with our experienced marketers.

Latest Marketing Tools

You get to access the latest tools and softwares.

Measurable Results

Regularly reporting to you on KPIs.

Target Your Audience

Define your audience according to demographics and interests.

Higher Conversion Rate

Targeting more specific leads results in increased conversion rate.

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